Here’s what I believe:
  • Every soul on this planet is a wildly creative being.
  • Art is designed to be, at its deepest structure, a way of life.
  • And most of us crave more . . .
    . . . not more stuff . . .
    . . . more meaning.

I also believe, Art is brilliantly designed to help us find that “more”.

Think about it . . .

From the caves to the cathedrals, Art has been a cornerstone for every wisdom tradition ever created.

And yet Art — a word that’s root meaning is “to connect” – has been systematically crowded out of public life in favor of assembly line schools, assembly line jobs, and the limiting thinking that goes with both.

For those few who’ve been able to protect and nurture their creative selves, they’ve been taught that Art is simply a more complicated craft.

And yes, craftsmanship is a vital part of creating beautiful Art.

But I believe, Art is built on three pillars, not one.

Discovering these three pillars has helped me build more beauty into my life and into the world.

If that rings true to you, my new Draws From Life Facebook™ group might be something to consider. It’s a community of mostly figurative artists of all different styles and levels. It’s absolutely free.

And the only requirement is that you have a passion for Art.

Let me ask you —

What do you plan to do to make these next five years a little better than the last five?

I have a suggestion . . .